iPhone X/8 Washed out dull color Portrait mode pictures in iOS12


iOS 12 is recently released by Apple with lots of great improvements like speed and optimization. But there are many bug reports faced by iOS 12 like by iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus users are seeing some severely dull portrait mode photos. The contrast of iPhone X pictures becomes dull like washed out, greyed out . The issue is happening after upgrading the iPhone X/8 to iOS 12 and this was never the case with iOS 11.

The issue seems to be software bug as the picture on iPhone 8 plus also shows washed colors while using portrait mode. But it’s fine for other pictures. While taking the picture when you switch to portrait mode it show normal for a second then goes to this washed out image like saturation is dropped in iPhone X portrait picture with iOS 12.
The issue seems to reoccur easily and you can see the camera display turns to a dull grey when you will switch to portrait mode without any reasons. The the colours shown are washed out colours, greyish sort of images/ gross off-grey.  When the picture is clicked in portrait mode in iPhone X the saved picture appear similarly washed out in the photos library.
The latest release of iOS 12.0.1 with iPhone X  still have pictures washed out issue in portrait mode and seems like Apple have not addressed the issue in this release.

iPhone X portrait mode washed out color -iOS 12. pic: apple.com

Please refer to the enclosed pictures, In the right side of picture, the camera is in regular "Photo" mode, zoomed in about as far as the "Portrait" mode does. Moving the camera on and off axis, shows the color rendition is consistent in "Photo" mode. When changed to "Portrait" mode (left in picture) and do the same thing, you can see the colors turn to garbage or dull like washed out.

How to fix iPhone X/8 washed out images in portrait mode since iOS 12 :

There are no fix released by apple for the issue but however there are few workaround you can try to take good pictures in portrait mode with iOS 12 :

Fix 1 : Exposure slide

Best way to restoring the colours to normal in iPhone X portrait mode is
1. Focus on the Subject, just like you always do.
2. Now when the Exposure Slider appears, just drag it down a bit.
By this way you may be able to take a fine picture in iPhone X with iOS 12.

Fix 2: Manual focus on object

You could temporarily resolve this issue by lowering the exposure after you manually focus on your subject on iPhone X. This will correct color scheme on the portrait pictures.

Fix 3: Update iOS

Since the issue is introduced with iOS 12, hopefully will soon roll out fix for the issue in upcoming release of iOS 12.1 So for a permanent fix please consider upgrading your iPhone iOS to the latest available always.



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