iPhone XS call drop issue with Telstra and Verizon network [Solved]


Apple have recently launched its new flagship iPhone XS with great new features coming with latest iOS 12. But the iPhone XS is also not safe from issues and bugs and lots of iPhone Xs uses are registering complains regarding call drop in iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. The iPhone user will be on call like for one minutes with quality sound and all of a sudden the phone disconnect and drops the call. The iPhone Xs is also facing some serious issue in WIFI connection with 5 Mhz bandwidth and the call drop issue is not a good sign for Apple.

iphone xs call drop: image -apple.com

The iphone user have to wait for few seconds before the phone recovers and can make another call. After waiting for few seconds the user can make another call successfully but there are always chance that the iPhone Xs will drop the call again. The call dropouts after a couple minutes and sometimes with the last word echoing before the call disconnects. The calls before dropping gives echo in voice and few moments later the iPone Xs will drop the call.
The call dropouts are too frequent and phone takes too long to recover between drop outs. The iPhone Xs call drop is reported majorly by Telstra/Verizon users and the there was no such call drop issue was reported with iPhone X on iOS 12. When contacted the service provider Telstra regarding call drop in iPhone Xs, the tech support was also clueless.

Restoring the iPhone and replacing or trying with a new SIM also does not help to fix the issue and huge number of call are dropping with iPhone Xs. The issue is so annoying as it makes difficult to use basic feature of calling.

Workaround for iPhone XS/ iPhone Xs  Max call drop issue

Fix 1: Turn off wifi calling.  

For some iPhone Xs uses turning off the wifi calling improved the call drop issue and less number of calls getting dropped after long duration like 10 minutes instead of 1 minutes. Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling and make sure that Wi-Fi Calling is OFF.

Fix 2: Reset network setting
Though resetting the network will not fix the call drop issue in iPhone Xs but it may improve on call drop frequency and any other network glitches. Please goto:
 Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. to reset the network settings. 

Fix 3:  Keep upgrading the iPhone to new iOS 12 release

While contacting the support the Apple has advised that this is a known issue and will be fixed in an update. Not confirming which updates will fix it but it is recommended to update the iPhone XS to latest iOS 12 release whenever possible.



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