iPhone XS Max unexpected restarting itself randomly/periodically


iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users are facing random unexpected restart of iPhone Xs. The flagship phone from Apple was releases in Sep 2018 and is very popular among iPhone users. But the iPhone Xs is also not safe from issues and reported with some basic issues like iPhone XS restart after crash. The iPhone XS screen freezes then crash to black screen with rotating circle ( respring). In this post we will discuss about fix for iPhone XS unexpected restart.

iPhone XS random reboot

The iPhone XS restart is completely unexpected as the battery health is still good and the phones goes OFF and comes back ON again. The iPhone XS sudden turn off will occur at any instance of time like using Whatsapp, FaceBook, Instagram, playing games, Apple wallet, listening to music and my phone will turn off and I will check my phone and see the apple logo turning it on by itself. The iPhone XS unexpected reboot can occur due to many reasons like app crash, iOS crash etc.

One user reported it as :
Same exact thing here on XS 64 GB on T-Mobile. 2-4 a day. Had for 5 days and driving me crazy. Very common when waking from sleep for me. Hoping a software fix incoming to resolve.

How to fix iPhone XS Max restarting randomly

Fix 1: Force iPhone XS to restart
First thing to fix such issues is to Hard Reset the phone. It is like battery removal process for devices with non-removable internal batteries like in iPhone XS. It does the same job as a soft reset without affecting any data saved on your phone’s internal memory.
To force restart the iPhone XS:
-Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
-Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
-Press and hold the Side/Power button until the Apple logo appears.
Wait for your phone to finish booting up then see if that fixes the problem. If your iPhone still crashes or freezes, then move on and try the next applicable solution.

Fix 2: Check for dateTime bug for crash
Back in 2017 iPhones were reported with crash due to DateTime bug. Apple had recommended that affected users set their device’s date back by one day. Here’s how to do that:

-Open Settings
-Select ‘General’
-Scroll to ‘Date & Time’
-Disable ‘Set Automatically’
-Use the slider to turn the date back to December 1st

Fix 3: Force close background apps.

Keeping background apps help you multitask your work. But when a new software implemented, there is a chance that any of these background apps would crash or freeze. If this happens, it is also possible for your iPhone system to become affected. To make sure this isn’t what’s causing you this trouble, try to force close your background apps.
Also please make sure the uninstall any rouge apps from your iPhone. The reason why this happens is that the app may no longer be compatible with the latest iOS version running on your phone and therefore it needs to be updated too.

Fix 4:  Restore the iPhone XS without backup
Quite possibly you have upgraded to iPhone XS from some older version of iPhone and used the backup in new iPhone XS. So to narrow down the issue please make sure to reset the device as new(keeping backup). Once you have your iPhone as new please don’t restore the backup from iTunes and test the phone without any old data. If you iPhone XS works fine there is something issue with backup that is causing iPhone XS unexpected restarts.

Fix 5: Update the iOS 12

It is very much possible that the iPhone XS restart issue is a software bug. Many bug reports are submitted to Apple about it and Apple is working on the issue. There are reports where with iOS 12 beta 2 the issue is not occurring anymore. So hopefully in upcoming iOS 12.1 will have fix for iPhone XS unexpected reboot issue.



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