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How to lock Whatsapp/Facebook with passcode in iPhone on iOS 12

As Whatsapp has become very popular among people and you must be sharing important information across your network. So like many other apps the whatsapp app security has become really important for many of us so that no one can see or access your private messages on iPhone.

In iOS/ iPhone there is no directway to lock or unlock whatsapp. So only have app creator have to put in the feature to lock/unlock within the app. So you can’t lock apps unless the app developers has provided the option to do so and that is not available in Whatsapp. This is surprising that with iOS 12 and latest version of whatsapp does not support locking the app from within the application settings. So without whatsapp supporting lock on the app it is important to know - how to lock whatsapp on iphone. As we have mentioned it is not possible to do it directly from your iPhone or within the whatsapp application. There is one workaroundyou can try to get whatsapp locked with passcode :
Workaround : Use Screen Time …

How to fix Live listening “Unavailable for current route” on iPhone Xs/7/iOS 12

Many iPhone 7/6s users are getting “Unavailable for current route” message while using live listen with Airpods. The issue comes up while setting up live listening. Even on iPhone 8 with iOS 12 When iPhone users adds Live Listen to Control Centre and try to add or turn on live listen, get this message: “Unavailable for Current Route”? The message shown is confusing and difficult to guess what went wrong. 

This message in not occurring on all the iPhone model and users having multiple iPhones are facing this issue on one set while not on the other iPhone. Connecting Bluetooth headphones simply never works. Every time the iPhone users would get an error saying that Live Listen was: "Unavailable for current route".

From the error message "Unavailable for current route" the route mentioned here is the one the audio takes from iOS/iPhone microphone to AirPods but this isn't the clearest kind of message to give a normal iPhone users. Apple should make such error more u…

Facebook videos keeps pausing/freezing on iPhone X/XS Max/XR [Fix]

iPhone Xs Max/ Xr and the old iPhone X model owners are facing issue while paying Facebook videos on their iPhone. Facebook videos keeps freezing iphone X and it becomes very difficult to watch the videos on Facebook as you will have to play the videos again and again, making the experience worst as video will pause and freez at any moment. Not only iPhone Xs but iPhone 7 is reported with the issue of pausing video randomly on facbook and other apps. The issue is like when played video on iPhone like 2 seconds of smooth playback, than pause, freeze and start the playback again somtimes .

For many users its not the Facebook only but any video play will freeze in iPhone Xs /Max. When watching videos on any app on iPhone e.g Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, the video will continuously pause. It’s terrible from Apple that $1000 iPhone X and can’t watch movies as the Facebook videos stop after 2 seconds iPhone X/XR. But its not only iPhone but even the OnePlus /Samsung galaxy 8 are reported with…

iPhone XS Max is facing random restart issue

Apple new phones is facing server issue of random restart in iPhone XS. iPhone XS Max is reported with restarting itself randomly throughout the day without any clear reasons. The screen will go black, the apple boot logo will pop up and then it will go to the lock screen.

The random reboot/respring appeared randomly and restarts like 3-4 times within 24 hours and can occur while using any applicationin your iPhone like while watching a YouTube video on iPhone. And when it happens after a few seconds the apple logo appears and it turns back on.
Apple has not made any official statement on the issue but when contacted with the Apple genuine bar support center the support people have agreed this as an issue and given a replacement to the issue. After a detailed analysis of the logs of iPhoneit is observed that the iPhone XS max kernel issues causing the rebooting. What is causing this is still a question. So it could be hardware or a software issue in iPhone Xs which is causing random rest…

iPhone 5s/6s: How to disable “your sim played a tone” flash message iOS 12

iPhone 7/6s/5 users are facing issue with a flash message saying “your sim played a tone” in every five minutes on iOS 12. The frequency of the issue is too high and users are highly annoyed due to this issue. Force restarting or resetting the iPhone will not stop the message and the issue persists after several restarts.

The issue is due to Geo location based service. And the flash message is send to you by you network service provider. One of the user reported this as: “Hi my iphone 5 says your sim played a tone i cant seem to stop it, it keeps popping I saw the other suggestions asking to disable by going to sim applications but I dont see any disable option.
I am from Argentina and I have Claro company I spoke with them but they dont have a solution to my problem. Could somebody help me?” The issue is not only from a particular network service provider but across all the network around the world like Verizon, AT&T, airtel, Vodafone etc. There does not seem to be a direct way to s…

Voice memo not saving after trimming /Save button grayed out: iOS 12/iPhone

The voice memo app in iPhone is facing some severe bugs after updating the iPhone to latest iOS 12. New iOS 12 update won’t allow me to save a trim on a voice memo. In iOS 12 once you’ve trimmed the new recorded memo and and you’re at the screen with “save” grayed out/not showing up at all. There does not seems to be a way to save it. Due to which the voice memo not saving after trimming.

The Voice Memos app appears to be completely bugged in iOS 12 across all devices including iPad. Additionally the "Trim" function doesn't work as expected: It doesn't remove audio from left of the orange markers, only from the right. The app was working great with iOS 11 and there was no need to make changes in it from Apple side. 

But seems like alternation in voice memo app have now caused lots of trouble to its user and Apple developers.In some cases the after trimming the voice memo it shows a greyed out save button while for some other iPhone users there is no SAVE button shown.

Personal hotspot not working with eSIM in iPhone Xs Max [Solved]

Many iPhone Xs users are finding issue in turning on personal hot spot with eSIM in the iPhone. eSIM is a latest hardware feature given by Apple in its flagship iPhone Xs/Max/XR, which lets users to use two sims in the iPhone. The feature was much awaited by Apple users and finally its available with iPhone XS Max onwards.

But when users switches to eSIM they are facing issue in using personal hotspot. When you try to turn on the personal hotspot on eSIM it will not turn ON at all. The same phone number with physical SIM was working great with eSIM and personal hotspot but all after changing to eSIM the personal hotspot does not work with eSIM and iOS 12. Perosnal Hotspot configuration is gone and can’t use it anymore.
When checked with the network carrier provider they clearly stat that the issue is not in network but in the iPhones. One apple users reported the issue as below : “having the same problem, my Perosnal Hotspot configuration is gone and can’t use it anymore. This happened …

iOS12 voice memo not saving in iPhone Xs/7/6s

iPhone Xs and 6s users are facing voice Memos issue app after iOS 12 update. The app is crashing in some cases and voice memo app is not saving  after completing the recording. After clicking on “Done” it only saved about for few minutes of the recording. When opened in the app and  go to play it back, the file doesn’t play and not found in saved list. The recent recording seems to deleted in iOS 12 but nothing in Recently Deleted.

This is a major issue with iOS 12 and for the users who work with audio and rely for iPhone for recordings. This is major bug as when you record and voice memos don’t capture in any other way.This was never the case with earlier version of iOS. It seems that Aside from recording, the entire app is completely useless and bugged on every device.
If you do a search for voice memo with exact same name nothing is found on the iPhone. It is very annoying as “How can one recover that lost voice memos?”.  There was nothing wrong with the Voice Memos in earlier iOS 11,…

How to fix Text replacement not working in iOS 12.1

iPhone 7/X/8 users after upgrading the iPhone to latest iOS 12.1 are facing issue with text replacement not working. Some text replacements in iOS 12.1 work while some of text replacement does not work at all. You can see saved phrases in my keyboard settings but they are just not working after iOS 12.1 upgrade. When I type the text it’s not recognizing it.

iPhone X/7 users are very much found of using keyboard shortcut and text replacement as it makes using many apps really simple. Like keyboard shortcut of the pokemon you can nse text replacement for trade for our Lucky Dex. There does not seems to be direct way to fix the issue like tried hard resetting, deleting/re-adding the shortcuts, toggling on/off keyboard settings but nothing seems to fix the issue.
It seems that short text replacements related to no more than two words are still working, but replacements for longer phrases are not working, irrespective of the fact that they are still in the phone list of the text replacement…

iOS 12.1 : How to remove notification badge from settings icon

iPhone X/8/7/6 users after upgrading their iPhones to latest iOS 12.1 are facing issue with notifications. The latest iOS 12.1 released by Apple was supposed to fix major bugs of iOS 12 but it seems that even iOS 12.1 now have new set of bugs for iPhone users. iOS 12.1 shows notification badge in settings which iPhone users are unable to remove. The badge icon on settings starts to appear only after iOS 12.1 update on iPhone 6s/iPad Pro.

The issue with iOS 12.1 is that it will show a notification badge and No apparent notifications are found in settings. And by no way iPhone users is able to remove notification badge from settings in iOS 12.1. If you go in settings’s through every menu and sub-menu with no notification or cause for the notification. But still there is badge on settings icon in iOS 12.1 for no reasons. Even if you try to restart or hard reboot the phone the settings notification is not going away. It is very difficult for a user’s to know that how to remove notificatio…


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