iPhone 5s/6s: How to disable “your sim played a tone” flash message iOS 12


iPhone 7/6s/5 users are facing issue with a flash message saying “your sim played a tone” in every five minutes on iOS 12. The frequency of the issue is too high and users are highly annoyed due to this issue.  Force restarting or resetting the iPhone will not stop the message and the issue persists after several restarts.

stop your sim played a tone

The issue is due to Geo location based service. And the flash message is send to you by you network service provider. One of the user reported this as:
Hi my iphone 5 says your sim played a tone i cant seem to stop it, it keeps popping I saw the other suggestions asking to disable by going to sim applications but I dont see any disable option.

I am from Argentina and I have Claro company I spoke with them but they dont have a solution to my problem. Could somebody help me?”
The issue is not only from a particular network service provider but across all the network around the world like Verizon, AT&T, airtel, Vodafone etc. There does not seem to be a direct way to stop the message.

How to stop “your sim played a tone” flash message on iPhone 6s iOS 12:

Go to Settings->Phone>Sim applications>Flash!>Activation>Deactivate> Flash deactivated- cancel or accept. Once you are done, you should not be receiving any flash messages.

Please note this setting to OFF will stop all your flash message from the carrier provider. In order to get a permanent fix for the issue please contact your network service provider and report the issue to them. But first please make sure that you are on the latest network update. This you can check by asking you carrier provider to send the latest settings to your iPhone.



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