Voice memo not saving after trimming /Save button grayed out: iOS 12/iPhone


The voice memo app in iPhone is facing some severe bugs after updating the iPhone to latest iOS 12. New iOS 12 update won’t allow me to save a trim on a voice memo. In iOS 12 once you’ve trimmed the new recorded memo and  and you’re at the screen with “save” grayed out/not showing up at all. There does not seems to be a way to save it. Due to which the voice memo not saving after trimming.

The Voice Memos app appears to be completely bugged in iOS 12 across all devices including iPad. Additionally the "Trim" function doesn't work as expected: It doesn't remove audio from left of the orange markers, only from the right. The app was working great with iOS 11 and there was no need to make changes in it from Apple side. 

But seems like alternation in voice memo app have now caused lots of trouble to its user and Apple developers. In some cases the after trimming the voice memo it shows a greyed out save button while for some other iPhone users there is no SAVE button shown.

Workaround to fix iPhone voice memo not saving after trimming in iOS 12 :

There are no permanent fix for the issue but in order to make sure to save the trimmed voice memo you can do a workaround. After you do the trim of voice memo and then fully exit out of the voice memo app (like swipe up and everything) and go back into the app it will save the trim.

How to fix  iPhone voice memo not saving after trimming in iOS 12 :
Since this is an issie with iOS 12, it is recommended to upgrade the iOS to latest version is iOS 12. Some reports are there saying iOS 12.1 has fixed the issue.  And SAVE button is activated.



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