iOS12 voice memo not saving in iPhone Xs/7/6s

iPhone Xs and 6s users are facing voice Memos issue app after iOS 12 update. The app is crashing in some cases and voice memo app is not saving  after completing the recording. After clicking on “Done” it only saved about for few minutes of the recording. When opened in the app and  go to play it back, the file doesn’t play and not found in saved list. The recent recording seems to deleted in iOS 12 but nothing in Recently Deleted.

iOS 12 voice memos not saving

This is a major issue with iOS 12 and for the users who work with audio and rely for iPhone for recordings. This is major bug as when you record and voice memos don’t capture in any other way.This was never the case with earlier version of iOS. It seems that Aside from recording, the entire app is completely useless and bugged on every device.

If you do a search for voice memo with exact same name nothing is found on the iPhone. It is very annoying as “How can one recover that lost voice memos?”. 
There was nothing wrong with the Voice Memos in earlier iOS 11, it was a nice and reliable app, but Apple had to put their fingers on and break the main functionality of the app.

Missing voice memo is not the only issue with iOS 12 but there are other type of issue faced with iOS 12 -voice memos as well:
  • lags
  • one touch delete
  • edit function is weird and buggy; Trim does not work as expected
  • renaming is now even more annoying

How to recover missing voice memo in iPhone on iOS 12

Fix 1: Access the voice memos from trash

The problem is, the trash isn't accessible from the app, so you have to get there in a roundabout way. Here's what to do:
  1. Create a new recording, name it something like "Recovery" or anything a bit unique.
  2. Delete the new recording.
  3. Press the home button to hide the Voice Memos app and get to the springboard.
  4. From the springboard, swipe down from anywhere near the center to bring up the search.
  5. Search for "Recovery" or whatever.
  6. The search will bring up the recording you just deleted. Tap it to be taken to the Voice Memo trash can.
  7. Recover your lost recording.
  8. For next time please make sure to set following settings : Settings > Voice Memos > Clear Deleted > Never.

Fix 2: Search the voice memo with exact name

For few users search in iPhone helped to fix the issue. Do a spotlight search in your iPhone and it may appear and you can play it from there. The problem
 Here is you Can find it via search but the file is not in the voice memo app.

Fix 3: Download third party voice recording app

Until Apple gives a permanent fix for the issue you may chose to use a third party app for recording voice memos. One such recommendation is to use App name “Voice Recorder & Audio Editor”. This app offer your to backup online, iTunes, flash driver. It even saves to notes. 



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