iPhone XS Max is facing random restart issue


Apple new phones is facing server issue of random restart in iPhone XS.  iPhone XS Max is reported with restarting itself randomly throughout the day without any clear reasons.  The screen will go black, the apple boot logo will pop up and then it will go to the lock screen.

The random reboot/respring appeared randomly and restarts like 3-4 times within 24 hours and can occur while using any application in your iPhone like while watching a YouTube video on iPhone. And when it happens after a few seconds the apple logo appears and it turns back on.

Apple has not made any official statement on the issue but when contacted with the Apple genuine bar support center the support people have agreed this as an issue and given a replacement to the issue. After a detailed analysis of the logs of iPhone it is observed that the iPhone XS max kernel issues causing the rebooting. What is causing this is still a question.
So it could be hardware or a software issue in iPhone Xs which is causing random restart to the iPhone. Some reports stat that latest iOS 12.1 seems to have fixed the issue and there are not reboot issue in iPhone after the upgrade. While some of the iPhone XS user are facing reboot only after upgrading to iOS 12.1. This makes the issue more specific to iOS which Apple must address in its upcoming releases.

If you are facing random reboot in iPhone Xs it is recommended to visit nearby support centre and get a replacement of the iPhone XS. But be aware that some of the iPhone users even after getting 2 replacement are facing the issue in iPhone Xs of random reboot.



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