Personal hotspot not working with eSIM in iPhone Xs Max [Solved]


Many iPhone Xs users are finding issue in turning on personal hot spot with eSIM in the iPhone. eSIM is a latest hardware feature given by Apple in its flagship iPhone Xs/Max/XR, which lets users to use two sims in the iPhone. The feature was much awaited by Apple users and finally its available with iPhone XS Max onwards.

eSIM hotspot not working iphone XS

But when users switches to eSIM they are facing issue in using personal hotspot. When you try to turn on the personal hotspot on eSIM it will not turn ON at all. The same phone number with physical SIM was working great with eSIM and personal hotspot but all after changing to eSIM the personal hotspot does not work with eSIM and iOS 12. Perosnal Hotspot configuration is gone and can’t use it anymore.            

When checked with the network carrier provider they clearly stat that the issue is not in network but in the iPhones.  One apple users reported the issue as below :
having the same problem, my Perosnal Hotspot configuration is gone and can’t use it anymore. This happened when I activated the second cellular plan on my Xs Max.
I have an esim from Ooredoo and after activating the esim, hotspot was working fine, but the moment I added another cellular plan, hotspot stopped working and now giving a msg to contact the network provider.

 How to fix personal hotspot not working with iPhone Xs/XR eSIM :

Fix 1: Toggle Data roaming

For many users what really worked to fix the hotspot issue with eSIM is to turn on or Toggle the Data roaming in iPhone.
-Tap Setting
-Tap on Mobile Data
-Tap mobile data option
- Toggle the switch next to “Data Roaming”  to activate it.

Fix 2: Use Physical SIM to turn on data

Since there are no updates from the Apple on the issue and no recent updates on iOS 12.1 fixes the issue, there are not permanent fix as such to the issue. As a workaround you can try to activate data using a physical sim, make sure that personal hotspot is working, then switch back to your eSim data. It might work.



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