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iPhone X Distorted Text Message Notification tone with iOS 12

Many iPhone X/8 Plus/ 7 and 6s users are facing problem after upgrading to iOS 12 that the notification tone sound is distorted/stuttering for random notification received on iPhone. The text notification received are distorted like stuck instead of playing cleanly and clearly but it doesn’t happen every time for every notification. iOS 11 never had this issue. This is annoying as RANDOMLY distorted notification tones that sound like they're breaking up while playing.  Say message tone is just a “ding”. Sometimes the message tone will play as “ding-ing-ing-ing” .

Some users are reporting distorted message tone since in iPhone X since from iOS 12 and some are reporting this with latest update iOS 12.1.1. The distorted message tone for text notification is majorly with iMessage sound alerts and t doesn't happen every time. It sounds like a repeating echo as though the sound alert is in a loop for approximately 3 cycles. Playing the music from the iPhone works just fine, only duri…

iPhone X Alerts do not sound when receive a text message [Fix]

iPhone users are facing issue that iPhone X/8/7 not getting text alerts sounds. Some times the feature is inconsistent like the text notification not working some times and works for few times. When you receive the text message in iPhone these is no sound or alert, if you go to messages and you will see the new message there. This is happening for some of the contacts while works for other contacts .

The issue reported with external devices like FitBit tracking watch, if the watch is connected by Bluetooth and “binding“ then all audio sounds will not work. So, you can either get audio notifications or you can track your fitness via the watches.
How to fix iPhone X makes no alert sound for incoming message :
Fix 1: General Troubleshooting tips

To get notifications, connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. If you don't get notifications for a specific app, try these steps: Make sure that the app supports notifications. Go to Settings > Notifications, select the app, and make sure …

Nokia 8/7 Bluetooth not working with Car Music after 8.1 update

After installing the latest Android Oreo 8.1 update on Nokia 8 and Nokia 7 the Bluetooth music does not work in my car. It seems that the Nokia 8 is not connecting to Car Bluetooth. But the hands free phone functions work and also the contact sharing works you can't listen to music or audio-books anymore in Nokia 8 in car. The Bluetooth issue in Nokia 8 started after 8.1 Android update as it was working fine prior to this update. Car media works well with different phones and tablets but not with Nokia 8 (Oreo 8.1).

This is serious issue in Nokia 8 as it does not play music in car only and Playing over Bluetooth headset works fine. As a troubleshooting when tries to delete and repair the Nokia phone to Car Bluetooth, it also did not helped. The Bluetooth issue in surely due to 8.1 update on the Nokia 8.
Moreover the Nokia Bluetooth connection is not stable and gets disconnected now and then. Music playback is jittery and stutter in Nokia 8 after 8.1 Oreo update. The issue is really …

iPhone 6s Battery Draining Fast with iOS 12.1 /12.1.3/ 12.2 update [Fix]

Many iPhone 6s /SE user are facing fast battery drain after update to iOS 12.1 & 12.1.3. The battery drain in iPhone 6s on iOS 12 started to happened just after the update and battery is drain really fast and sudden for some iPhone users.

Battery drain in iPhone 6s is really fast right after 12.1/12.1.1 update and it was never the case with iOS 11 or iOS 12. The battery drain really like it went from 68 % to 44 % within 10 minutes viz is like 1% drop in battery in one minutes in the iPhone 6s.

Even when tested with minimal usage/standalone the battery is still going down really fast like 30% in just one hour on iPhone 6s. Before the update the battery easily lasted 1 - 1.5 days with usage. When checked the battery looks fine and ~90% to normal peak performance according to the battery stats function. Normal restart or low power mode is also not saving battery drain in iPhone 6s.

Why battery is draining fast in iPhone 6s on iOS 12.1/12.2 :When observed closely it seem like this is n…

How to fix iPhone XS Max Display Looks Yellow-Greenish tint

Many iPhone XS/XR owner are finding out that screen looks yellowish like there is yellow tint on the screen. Even when the True tone and night shift is off the iPhone still shows yellow/Blue tint on screen. When slightly change the angle of view yellowish tint disappear. It is like the whites still looked yellow in the iPhone XS..

One of the iPhone XS user reported it as “When I look 45 degrees onto zhe display I have perfect colors. White is pur white. When I move it slightly a few millimeters the colors are changing.
If you have used the iPhone X, Compared it to iPone X which has a much cooler tone yet all the settings are exactly the same. i.e True Tone off, Nightshift off and reduce white point is off. It's not a major thing but its visable on iPhone XS MAX.

How to fix the iPhone XS Yellow Tint :
Please follow below steps and you can set display to your personal choice: 1.Make sure True Tone and Nightshift are off first.
2.turn up brightness to 80-100% 3.Goto Settings App > Gene…

PDF images not rendering in iOS 12.1 and MacOS Mojave 10.14.: iPhone/Mac

Many iPhone and mac uses after iOS 12.1 update are reporting pdf image rendering/loading issue while opening pdf files in , most of the images do not load or display correctly in Books app. Not only Books but the pdf image not loading in PDF files is on Apple Books, PDF Expert, also in Preview on MacOS Mojave.

Several images in different PDF files aren’t shown in the correct way and in place of images is shows only arrows and notes and sometimes nothing, but in previews firmware version the images renders fines. This is surely issue in iOS and MacOS Mojave 10.14. The issue is not even fixed in the iOS 12.1.1.
This is major software bug by Apple as you can see this problem on iOS 12.1 (both on iPad and iPhone) and MacOS Mojave 10.14.
Why images are not rendering in PDF viewer/ Books in iPhone:
It seem like that there is a combination of iOS native PDF viewer being buggy along with handling color models, specifically, color models for print. Something that Apple needs to address in future r…

Safari stuck/hang/blackscreen issue in iOS 12.1.1: iPhone Xs/7 [Fix]

Many iPhone X/8/7 users after upgrading the iPhone/iPad to latest iOS 12.1.1 are reported safari not working properly with iOS 12.1.1. It has start after iOS 12.1.1 update and the safari doesn't work properly and is stucking/freezing and doesn’t allow scrolling down and then shows a random black screen. Before this update this was never the case with safari.

If you are also facing such issues where Safari unexpectedly quits or stops responding (“hangs”, “crashes” or “freezes”) in iOS 12 pleas reads below troubleshooting steps :
How to fix Safar freezing/hang/stuch/ black screen issue in iOS 12.1.1 :

Fix 1: Clear History and Cache from iCloud and device Device: Go to Settings -> Safari and tap “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data” then restart your iPhone/iPad. Open the websites again and check if this fixes the issue.
iCloud: To clear Safari iCloud data ->Open the Settings app->Tap on iCloud->Disable the switch for Safari You will be asked to confirm the change. Press O…

How to update network carrier settings on iPhone or iPad

Many time you may be seeing a case when iphone start to gives different types of error with network service like mobile data not working or loss of signal, unable to send SMS. In such cases one reason could be outdated network settings in iPhone. You should always look for network setting from your carrier provider in case of any network relate issue.

The Update comes directly from the Carrier and prompts the iOS to generate the message, which means unless the entire carrier is now compromised these are perfectly legit Carrier Updates.
How to update network carrier settings on your iPhone or iPad:

You can manually check for and install a carrier settings update with these steps: Make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.Tap Settings > General > About. If an update is available, you'll see an option to update your carrier settings.To see the version of carrier settings on your device, tap Settings > General > About and look next t…

iOS 12.1.1 mobile data not working for apps on iPhone XS/6s

Many iPhone XS/8/7 users after updating to the iOS 12.1.1 are not able to connect application using mobile internet. There is some error with mobile data connection in iOS 12.1.1 and iOS 12. Some off the application are not connecting to the internet via mobile data however the same applications connects well when using data on wifi connection to internet.

The issue is happening only after updating the iOS 12 version to iOS 12.1.1 and the app are not connecting to internet on mobile data. Even after several restart the issue persists. Due to this the background app is not refreshing like what's app, outlook application in iPhone SE/6s. When opened the app it says you are not connected to internet but mobile data is ON all the time.
How to fix mobile data not working for apps in iOS 12.1.1 :
Fix 1: Update carrier network setting

You iPhone uses the network setting provided by your network carrier. Sometimes they become obsolete and causing such issues in iPhone like internet not workin…

iPhone XR Unable to set Live Photo as wallpaper : iOS 12

If you have purchased the latest iPhone XR recently launched by Apple you should be facing issue of not able to set live wallpaper on the lock screen. The live wallpaper is now a old feature of iPhone works well with other iPhone models. You would need to press and hold the screen to get the live photo to move. But the live wallpaper are not working in iPhone XR only which is running on iOS 12.

Why Live wallpaper are not working on iPhone XR: Live wallpaper on iPhone XR won’t work as it doesn't have 3D touch feature. This may be surprising for many iPhone users as 3D is supported from iphone 6s and all model afterwards. But the iPhone XR now lacks 3D feature and the live wallpaper will not run or show effects.
iPhone XR features a new technology called Haptic Touch instead of the usual 3D Touch. The haptic touch is technique of long press combined with haptic feedback from the Taptic Engine. Causing many issues to 3D touch users like live wallpaper, keyboard use etc. But for now the …

iOS 12.1.1 FaceTime Live Photo Button added again

If you are using face time on iOS 12 than you must be facing problem of not able to take live photo on Facetime call. But the issue is solved on latest release of iOS 12 viz iOS 12.1.1 as the Apple has again added live photo feature in one to one chat on Facetime.

This is really a great news for many people who love to use Facetime call and missed the feature really bad. It was really pain for many users as they were found of taking live photo and all of sudden Apple decided to remove this feature. Since the feature is added again you may now take live photo on Facetime after upgrading to iOS 12.1.1, a big relief.

The feature is enabled by default but can be turned off in Settings -> FaceTime -> Live Photos. Everyone must be updated to iOS 12.1.1 or later for the FaceTime Live Photo capture to succeed.

iOS 12.1.1 Notification badge on setting icons in iPhone and iPad [Fixed]

iOS 12.1.1 is the latest iOS 12 version released by Apple in Dec-2018 and it comes with many bug fixes like one tap switch in front and back camera in Facetime, Live photo capture during one to one FaceTime call. But the notification badge on setting apps icon in iOS 12 seems to still persist in iOS 12.1.1.

iOS 12.1.1 shows notification badge in settings which iPhone users are unable to remove. The issue with iOS 12.1.1 is that it will show a notification badge and No apparent notifications are found in settings.  if you try to restart or hard reboot the phone the settings notification is not going away from iPhone/ settings.
How to remove setting notification badge in iOS 12.1.1 and iPhone Xs, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s plus: Fix 1: Signout /Sign in from iCloud
One way to remove the notification in iOS 12.1.1 is to signing out of  from iCloud with your Apple ID and signing in back again. This way after successful login the notification should go away. Step wise: 1.      Launch the Set…

Apps not updating from update section on Appstore: iPhone /iOS 12.1 [Fix]

iOS 12.1 is reported with a bug in update section that the listed app pending apps for update are not updating apps while clicking or tapping on the update section.  iOS 12.1 apps update is not working, When you tap on the update next to application name, it will start rolling for few seconds and will revert to “update again”. There are no error reported for update failure or no message given about what happened in iPhone/iPad devices.

The iPhone apps update failure issue seems to occur after iOS 12.1 update only and it was never found with earlier iOS 12 version. If go to update section in Appstore and tap on multiple apps to update in some case no apps will update or while in other some of the apps will update and rest will update in Appstore on iPhone/iPad/ iOS 12.1. This is a serious issue for many iPhone users are apps update nor working on iOS 12.1 is restricting them from using latest app feature.
What to do if apps are not updating from update section in Appstore on iPhone:

Spotlight search/ setting search not working in iOS 12.1/12.2/iPhone Xs [Solved]

iPhone XS Max/8plus users after upgrading iPhone to iOS 12.1 are facing issue with spotlight search not working with iOS 12.1. Basically, whenever user go to spotlight search and search for anything like apps, the spotlight return no result. After pressing search in spotlight, the Siri suggestions stay, and nothing appears in result. After about 5-10 seconds, the Siri suggestions completely disappear and the options to search web, app store, and maps appear about 5-10 seconds later.

Similarly issue is faced while searching for something in settings app, the setting app search is not working with iOS 12.1. The issue seems to be with iOS 12.1 as the iOS 12 the spotlight search was working just fine.

How to fix spotlight search not working in iOS 12/ iOS 12.1
Fix 1: Change region language Changing the language region, restarting the device, and then switching it back again, seems to fix the issue for some users. You can give it a try. (eg switch the device language from English to English (…


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