Apps not updating from update section on Appstore: iPhone /iOS 12.1 [Fix]


iOS 12.1 is reported with a bug in update section that the listed app pending apps for update are not updating apps while clicking or tapping on the update section.  iOS 12.1 apps update is not working, When you tap on the update next to application name, it will start rolling for few seconds and will revert to “update again”. There are no error reported for update failure or no message given about what happened in iPhone/iPad devices.

iOS 12.1 app update nor working

The iPhone apps update failure issue seems to occur after iOS 12.1 update only and it was never found with earlier iOS 12 version. If go to update section in Appstore and tap on multiple apps to update in some case no apps will update or while in other some of the apps will update and rest will update in Appstore on iPhone/iPad/ iOS 12.1. This is a serious issue for many iPhone users are apps update nor working on iOS 12.1 is restricting them from using latest app feature.

What to do if apps are not updating from update section in Appstore on iPhone:

1.      Restart the iPhone
2.     Continues retry the update
3.     Do “Update All”

Fix 1: Restart the iPhone
There can be some software glitch that might be causing apps from updating on Appstore. A Soft or hard reboot should fixed the issue.

Fix 2: Do a continuous retry on update
For some users continuously tapping the update button for updating the app seems to fix the issue or downloads the app. It is like spamming the update button but seems like it works in many cases.

Fix 3: Use “Update All”

In some cases using Update all option will help to update the apps but quite possible that it may not update some the apps while other will be updated in random order,

Definitely this is an issue in Apple/iOS 12.1 system that is causing update failure in application, Apple should address this issue soon on upcoming release.



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