How to fix children Screen Time Data not showing on parent iPhone


iOS 12 has come with very useful feature Screen Time, which can be used to monitor and control time the user spend of apps. The feature works fine with family sharing. The great part of feature is that you can add your children or family member and restrict the screen time. The screen not showing child/family member data is reported more often after upgrading to iOS 12.0.1 on almost all types of device like iPhone Xs, iPhone 8/7/6, iPad etc. (Read this article to know how to set up Screen Time as Parent/Child

The issue is that after configuring screen time on kids/family members, it is still missing from the iPhone. After successfully setting up child iPhone screen Time as “Set up as Parent”, The parent iPhone is not showing all family iPhone in Screen Time setitings (Settings  Screen Time All Devices Devices). 

Other issue with screen time is that it was working fine after initial set up but later on after few weeks usage, the screen time app has stopped showing child data. When looked further the restrictions are there on child iPhone and working fine, it is just the usage data missing from screen time of child iPhone in parent phone. Usage does appear on the kids’ devices.

Once iPhone user reported as :
I have screentime set up on my kid’s phone and iPods. All of the restrictions are working but it is only showing me 1 child’s usage info. The other 2 it just says when they use it their info will appear there. When I check screentime on their devices, it shows me the usage info. How do I get it to show up on my device in screentime?”

The screen time app not showing family data is more problematic when you have setup more than one child in iPhone. The parent iPhone will keep on showing data for one child while not for the other.

How to fix Screen time not showing children data :

Fix 1: Sign out and sign in to iCloud

On the parent iPhone, please log out from the iClound and log in again. For many users logging out/ in has fixed the issue and they can see all child screen time data after that.

Fix 2: Remove and Add from family sharing

There are reports that the child you can’t see is the one whose account was originally set up as an adult and whose birthday was changed later on. The child who was set up originally as a child account has no issue. To fix this issue :
1) Turn off screen time for that child. Disable it all together. Please note you will lose all screen time history when turning off.
2) Remove child from family sharing. If child is under 13, change DOB turnover 13, then remove.
3) Add back into family sharing. Change DOB back if necessary.
4) Set up screen time once again. Now it should work fine.



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