How to fix iPhone XS Max Display Looks Yellow-Greenish tint


Many iPhone XS/XR owner are finding out that screen looks yellowish like there is yellow tint on the screen. Even when the True tone and night shift is off the iPhone still shows yellow/Blue tint on screen. When slightly change the angle of view yellowish tint disappear. It is like the whites still looked yellow in the iPhone XS..

iPhone XS max yellow screen 

One of the iPhone XS user reported it as
 When I look 45 degrees onto zhe display I have perfect colors. White is pur white. When I move it slightly a few millimeters the colors are changing.

If you have used the iPhone X, Compared it to iPone X which  has a much cooler tone yet all the settings are exactly the same. i.e True Tone off, Nightshift off and reduce white point is off. It's not a major thing but its visable on iPhone XS MAX.

How to fix the iPhone XS Yellow Tint :

Please follow below steps and you can set display to your personal choice:
1.      Make sure True Tone and Nightshift are off first.

2.     turn up brightness to 80-100%
3.     Goto Settings App > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Turn on Color Filters
4.     Tap Color Tint and verify it’s checked
5.     Navigate to the HUE slider and move it left or right until you reach your desired screen look. (I personally liked this setting at around 0-15%, but user preference will vary so maybe use it as a starting point).

6.     Then adjust the INTENSITY slider left or right to suit your preference (I personally recommend this setting at around 60-70%, but user preference will vary so maybe use it as a starting point).
7.     The yellow tint should be gone.

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