How to use game pigeon in iPhone X/ iOS 12 –Complete Guide


Like many other iPhone users if are also new to iMessage and not able to use Game pigeon and looking on How to get game pigeon to work in iPhone. This article will show how to use Game pigeon, how to send invite and makes moves in a game.

Game pigeon not working iphone /iOS 12

The game pigeon app is available on Appstore and you can download it from there. But it is surprising ti know that the problem with game pigeon starts from the basic download from Appstore. In App Store and search for game pigeon it’s shows up as “get”, when clicked “get” it will ask for Apple ID. After signing in it starts to download and then it stops and says “get” again. Worst thing is when tried signing in again it says my account is disabled. Even on the latest iPhone X with iOS 12 are facing same issue and can’t download the game pigeon on iPhone.
Types of issue that are faced by iPhone users with Game pigeons are :
1.       Many user just after starting the game pigeon, cannot send a game invite message in game pigeon. When tried to send a invite, nothing happens and only white screen pops up.

2.      Game pigeon works well when other users sends a request but cannot start myself.
3.      Game pigeon will not download in iPhone.
4.      iPhone won’t let to download the Game Pigeon app at all. Says storage full etc.
5.      If downloaded game pigeon successfully, but it says there was an error installing it.
6.      Game pigeon is not download in iOS 11 and iOS 12.
7.      Try downloading Game Pigeon it asks me to sign in, and it starts to download and fails then says your account is disabled for security reasons.

8.     the games pigeon not showing up in my iMessages.

Please make sure the iMessage is turned on in your iPhone(Settings->Message->iMessage). If still now works please follow :

How to make Game pigeon work in iPhone :

Fix 1: Make sure you iPhone is updated to latest iOS

There are instances when Game pigeon stopped working in iPhone when iPhone iOS is not updated to latest release. It may be the case that the old iOS does not supports to game pigeon.

Fix 2: Reboot the iPhone

IF you are not able to download or install the game pigeon app, please try to make a soft reset to your iPhone. It may help to fix random software glitches in Game pigeon. If this does not help try to do a hard reset to your iPhone. (Hold down the home and power buttons when at the home screen. Wait until you apple logo on the screen).

Fix 3: Low power mode

For many user when unable to download the game pigeon from appstore and trying to download it in low power mode has worked. Just turn on low power mode (Setting -> Battery) in your iPhone and download the game pigeon.

Fix 4: Log in with different Apple id
1.       Go to setting and signout from the iCloud(Apple id) you are logged in with.
2.      Sign in again and try to download the app. If still not works please proceed to next step.
3.      Sign out from iCloud and signin with different Apple id.
4.      Now try to download the Game pigeon on iPhone

·         If you are keep on changing the Apple id, It is recommended to use same Apple id which you have used first to download the game pigeon.

Fix 5:  Reset your iPhone as new

before doing this fix please make sure you backup your iphone.
- turn off any restrictions on your iphone (Setting -> General -> Restriction)
-Reset the iPhone. (Setting ->general->reset->select erase all content and settings-enter passcode-> erase iPhone).
- Sign into you Apple ID and go into accounts and passwords and add any accounts you may need for your phone.
- download all your apps including Game Pigeon.
-Game pigeon should work now.                  



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