Spotlight search/ setting search not working in iOS 12.1/12.2/iPhone Xs [Solved]


iPhone XS Max/8plus users after upgrading iPhone to iOS 12.1 are facing issue with spotlight search not working with iOS 12.1. Basically, whenever user go to spotlight search and search for anything like apps, the spotlight return no result. After pressing search in spotlight, the Siri suggestions stay, and nothing appears in result. After about 5-10 seconds, the Siri suggestions completely disappear and the options to search web, app store, and maps appear about 5-10 seconds later.
spotlight search not working in iOS 12

Similarly issue is faced while searching for something in settings app, the setting app search is not working with iOS 12.1. The issue seems to be with iOS 12.1 as the iOS 12 the spotlight search was working just fine.

How to fix spotlight search not working in iOS 12/ iOS 12.1

Fix 1: Change region language
Changing the language region, restarting the device, and then switching it back again, seems to fix the issue for some users. You can give it a try. (eg switch the device language from English to English (UK).)

Fix 2: Turn on Suggestions in Search

Go to Settings > Siri & Search > Scroll down and make sure that “Suggestions in Search” is turned on.

Fix 3: Reset your iPhone as new

If none of that works it looks like it could be a persistent bug. In this case it is recommend to do a factory resetting the device and starting as a new iPhone. That means photos etc that are backed up to iCloud will still be available but you’ll lose data that hasn’t been backed up on iTunes/. So it is recommended to  take backup of iPhone before doing reset and later restore the same backup.



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