iOS 12.1.1 Notification badge on setting icons in iPhone and iPad [Fixed]

iOS 12.1.1 is the latest iOS 12 version released by Apple in Dec-2018 and it comes with many bug fixes like one tap switch in front and back camera in Facetime, Live photo capture during one to one FaceTime call. But the notification badge on setting apps icon in iOS 12 seems to still persist in iOS 12.1.1.

iOS 12.1.1 shows notification badge in settings which iPhone users are unable to remove. The issue with iOS 12.1.1 is that it will show a notification badge and No apparent notifications are found in settings.  if you try to restart or hard reboot the phone the settings notification is not going away from iPhone/ settings.

How to remove setting notification badge in iOS 12.1.1 and iPhone Xs, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s plus:
Fix 1: Signout /Sign in from iCloud

One way to remove the notification in iOS 12.1.1 is to signing out of  from iCloud with your Apple ID and signing in back again. This way after successful login the notification should go away. Step wise:
1.      Launch the Settings app.
2.     Tap on the Apple ID or You iPhone name shown at the top.
3.     Scroll down and you will find out sing out option->tap on that.
4.     Sign in again with your Apple id.
5.     Restart the iPhone
6.     The notification should be removed from  your iPhone.

Fix 2: Check Factor Authentication settings

After updating to iOS 12.1 it prompts to activate 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), but if you have set your iPhone to a language from a country that doesn’t support Apple Pay, this seems to be a hidden in Settings, but the badge is there. Switch to English as standard language and you’ll be prompted to activate/FA as soon as you enter Settins. Choose ‘not now’, close and switch language back. Now the badge should be gone from setting

Fix 3: Set up a passcode
For many users the issue occurred because iPhone was expecting to setup a passcode after the upgrade. But there was no badge on submenu of settings. The badge is on the screen setting icon. Please try to setup passcode of your iPhone if not already done and check is the badge disappears.



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