iPhone XR Unable to set Live Photo as wallpaper : iOS 12


If you have purchased the latest iPhone XR recently launched by Apple you should be facing issue of not able to set live wallpaper on the lock screen. The live wallpaper is now a old feature of iPhone works well with other iPhone models. You would need to press and hold the screen to get the live photo to move. But the live wallpaper are not working in iPhone XR only which is running on iOS 12.

iphone xr live wallpaper not working

Why Live wallpaper are not working on iPhone XR:
Live wallpaper on iPhone XR won’t work as it doesn't have 3D touch feature. This may be surprising for many iPhone users as 3D is supported from iphone 6s and all model afterwards. But the iPhone XR now lacks 3D feature and the live wallpaper will not run or show effects.

iPhone XR features a new technology called Haptic Touch instead of the usual 3D Touch. The haptic touch is technique of long press combined with haptic feedback from the Taptic Engine. Causing many issues to 3D touch users like live wallpaper, keyboard use etc. But for now the haptic touch is not a complete replacement of 3D touch but may improve overtime.



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