PDF images not rendering in iOS 12.1 and MacOS Mojave 10.14.: iPhone/Mac


Many iPhone and mac uses after iOS 12.1 update are reporting pdf image rendering/loading issue while opening pdf files in , most of the images do not load or display correctly in Books app. Not only Books but the pdf image not loading in PDF files is on Apple Books, PDF Expert, also in Preview on MacOS Mojave.

iOS 12.1 pdf image bug

Several images in different PDF files aren’t shown in the correct way and in place of images is shows only arrows and notes and sometimes nothing, but in previews firmware version the images renders fines. This is surely issue in iOS and MacOS Mojave 10.14. The issue is not even fixed in the iOS 12.1.1.

This is major software bug by Apple as you can see this problem on iOS 12.1 (both on iPad and iPhone) and MacOS Mojave 10.14.

Why images are not rendering in PDF viewer/ Books in iPhone:

It seem like that there is a combination of iOS native PDF viewer being buggy along with handling color models, specifically, color models for print. Something that Apple needs to address in future release.

Workaround  : Use Adobe Acrobat app/ other 3rd party apps.

There is a Shortcut in the gallery that allows for downloading of a file to cloud storage. Get it and invoke via Share Sheet, then export/open-in Adobe, Dropbox, etc. These display fine when I use Adobe Acrobat app.



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