iPhone “Screen Recording failed to save Cocoa error -1.” on iOS 12.1 [Fix]


iPhone X/7 User after iOS 12/iOS 12.1.2 update are unable to screen record. While trying to record iPhone screen and screen recording fails and not saving and gives (Cocoa error -1.) error. The issue started after iOS 12 upgrade. After completing the screen recording the error show is
Screen Recording failed to save due to:
The operation be completed.
(Cocoa error -1.)

The screen recording issue started to happened out of nowhere, the screen feature was working normally for few recording session but for next screen recording the Cocoa -1 error started to occur. This is too annoying for some of the iPhone users as they might lose important screen recording data. This does not seems to be low storage issue as the iPhone haing 100 GB left are still getting such issues. The error in itself is not clear for end customer of iPhone like one users stated the issue as: 

While recording screen on my iphone XR software IOS 12.1.2 and I see cocoa error -1 what does this mean?

How to fix Screen Recording failed to save do to: The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error -1.) on iOS 12.1.2/12.1.3

Fix 1: Turn off low power saver mode
Some users reports that the screen recording fails if you are doing it while iPhone is in low power battery mode. In this case the screen recording can give (Cocoa error -1.). Please Turn off low battery mode Setting->Battery-> Turn off Low power mode.

Fix 2: Normal reboot
The screen recording failing issue can be due to a software glitch in iOS. Generally a normal reboot to iPhone may fix the issue for you. So please try to do a normal reboot to your iPhone and check if the issue fixes or persists. But it is unlikely that the recording footage will be saved in iPhone.

Fix 3: Update the iOS
As told the issue are generally software glitch and can be fixed by Apple in next releases of iOS. So It is always recommended to keep updating iOS version to latest to get a stable fix for the issue.


Hey i have this issue , i just pissed i lost 2 important screen record video because of this, but if there a possibly can i get the lost screen record back , pls reply


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