How to fix iMessage Read Receipts not working on iOS 12


iPhone X/7 plus users facing issue where the iMessage read receipts are not working after upgrade to iOS 12. iMessage do provide an option to check read receipts, provided you have turned on the option. But many users are finding that even the option is turned on for each contact individually the read receipts is not working in iOS 12. When you will try to send a message it will only say “Delivered” but no information about read receipt are now shown in iMessage in iOS 12. In many cases read receipts not working for one person.

iMessage read receipt not working for one person. iOS 12

To access read receipts the receiver needs to go to Settings > Messages > Send Read Receipts.  Verify that it is turned on. But even when the user tried toggling the ‘read recipts’ option on both phones and restarting but nothing works. In some cases the issue is more specific like can see everyone else's read receipts except for one users.

This is very annoying that as the latest iOS 12.1.2 has this issue and read receipt randomly stops working. This seems to be a iPhone message bug in iOS 12. Even on the latest iPhone XR/XS/X/7/6 you can see this issue occurring frequently.

How to fix Message Read Receipts not working on iOS 12 and iPhone XR/XS Max/X/8/7/6s Plus :

Fix 1: Log out and login to iMessage
Signing out of iMessage and signing back has helped many users to fix the issue. So please try this and logout login with Apple ID again. Please make sure to this on every device. Let us know in comments if this helped. If this also did not help to fix read receipt message CHANGE your Apple ID email and it should start working.
To sign out of iMessages follow these steps:

  • ->Goto->Settings
  • ->Messages
  • ->Send & receive -> Apple ID
  • ->Then sign out.
  • ->Sign In again.

Fix 2 : Turn on Send receipt on both devices

Please check of do the people you're texting also have read receipts enabled? In order for them to work properly, both devices that are part of a conversation must have them enabled.

Fix 3: turns on “full” read receipts
If the read receipts not working for one person, the issue started only after the user have upgraded to iOS 12.0.1/iOS 12.1. So must be a bug in the iOS 12 release. As a workaround to fix the issue is to turns on “full” read receipts for everyone. This way it will also trun on read receipt for specific person for whom you are not receiving the receipt message.

Fix 4: Delete the chat
Seems like deleting the entire conversation then start a new chat will fix the issue. So just give it a shot but do remember to take backup as you might lose important data.

Fix 5 : Factory Reset your iPhone
If nothing helps you so final option is to factory reset the iPhone. So first back up your iPhone ->factory reset you’re iphone (from Setting)->Restore iPhone from latest backup.

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