How to pause and resume a voice recording in iPhone on iOS 12


If you are using the voice recorder in iPhone frequently than in the recent iOS 12 release of iOS you might be looking for a way to pause and resume an audio voice recording session . There are many instances when you will be looking for a way to stop or pause a recording and start it later to resume the same recording session. If you don’t know how to pause the same audio clip and resume again, you will end up in recording many audio clips instead of one. Which will also difficult to manage.


The voice recording works same on all the iPhones including iPhone XR, iphone XS/8/7 and in this article we will show you how to voice record in iPhone with multiple pause in a single audio file.

How to Pause and resume same voice recording in iPhone :

Step 1: When you start a recording, a half screen recording overlay will appear. Pull the overlay up to access the additional controls.  Please refer to below picture.

Step 2: Once you pull up the overlay up you can now see pause option at the botton middle of iPhone screen
ios 12: how to pause and resume audio

Step 3: Tap on pause icon the pause voice recording and play from same place to resume the voice recording in iPhone.

I hope by this way you are not able to pause voice recording and resume it multiple times. Please let us know in comment section.



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