Unable to copy paste data in iPhone 7 after iOS 12.1.3 update

Copy and paste is very common feature used by all computer, iPhone users, but imaging how difficult this can get if you are not able to copy paste text/data/contents. iPhone users iOS 12.1.3 update are reporting copy paste bug in iOS 12. The issue is that copying text data or pictures from one app to another is not working in iPhone. Its seems like  either the copy or paste isn’t working in iPhone or the contents in clipboard are getting erased somehow. For use it is surprising to note that the copy paste may work if you try to this three or four times it may work or it very quickly. 

iOS 12.1.3 copy paste not working

Also in some of the cases the copied content paste will work only once and if you try to paste the same text again it won’t work and the paste itself is missing from the available options. The issue is spread across different apps like Facebook, Notes, Twitter, email apps etc. 

It seems in some cases that the COPY and PASTE works fine but if you give sometime between COPY and PASTE the clipboard will clear itself and the PASTE will not work.  The copy paste bug in iOS 12.1.3 can be seen across iPhone XS Max, iPhone X/8/7/6s and iPhone 5s. The main issue is with the PASTE command as it is not responding at all. 

Three ways to fix iOS 12.1.3 copy and paste not working On iPhone :

Fix 1: Try Double Tapping 

It seems that instead of long press doing a double tapping on your iPhone screen at the place where you want to paste the content is working for some of the affected users. Instead of a long press for the paste function, double tap.  

Fix 2: Change background app refresh setting .

As mentioned above that after giving some times between COPY and PASTE the content will go away like clipboard randomly deleted whatever is copied, it is recommended to test the copy paste after turning off background app refresh. 
1.    Open Settings app from your Home screen.->  Tap on General.--> Tap Background App Refresh. ->  Toggle Background App Refresh to off

Fix 3: Update the iOS 12  to latest version
As Apple will be aware of such bug and working for the fix best way to get rid of a bug is to update your software. There are high chances that  software update would be released is to clear a bug like these.
To update the iOS :

  • Go to Settings- > Tap on General-> Tap on Software Update (it’ll check for an update) -> Tap on install at the bottom



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