Siri Voice not downloading iOS 12/12.1.1 on iPhone Xs [Fixed]

iPhone user after upgrading to iOS 12 and iOS 12.1.2 are facing issue in downloading Siri Voices. Siri voices are not downloading in iOS 12 and stuck at 0%. Siri is Apple iOS audio assistant and amemorable a voice as it may be. But you don't need always to stick with one single voice default American accent. Unlike iOS 11 there are more than two accents available in iOS 12. 

iOS 12 Siri Voice not Downloading 

To change Siri's accent, open Settings, tap "Siri & Search," then select "Siri Voice" under Ask Siri. This is where you'll find all the voice options available to you. You can choose between Male or Female under Gender and American, Australian, British, Irish, or South African under Accents. Remember, those last two options are in iOS 12 only. But iPhone users can't download Siri Voices in iOS 12. 

While Making sure that internet is working fine in iPhone and everything else seems fine to download the Siri voice  butwhen tried and set Siris voice to something new, it says "downloading" with the loading circle and stuck at downloads Siri voices. The Siri voice downloading stuck at 0% complete.
The issue is very annoying as the diffrent voice accent are added since iOS 12 but Siri wont download accents since updating to iOS 12.1.1 and is stuck at 0%.

How to download Siri voice/accent in iOS 12.1.1 :

Fix 1: Change Region

Go to [settings] ->[general] ->[language and region] and change your default region to something else. (Keep it to your language I went from English US, to English UK) 
After that go back to Siri and change voice. Please not you have to set up your “hey Siri” steps again. Then go back and switch language back to your original settings. 

Fix 2 : Restore iOS 12
you need to Reset all settings which will to restore the iPhone backup from iTunes which wouldn’t until the new iOS is installed. Then restore backup. Now Siri voice should download fine. 

Fix 3: Update he iOS 12
Please considering iOS 12 to iOS 12.1.2 as some reports say that Siri voice not downloading is bug and needs software upgrade. Please update to latest iOS version to fix these issues.



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