Voice Memo Plays Automatically Over Bluetooth in Car: iOS 12/12.1


After iOS 12 upgrade the iPhone users are facing iPhone voice memo autoplay issue over bluetooth. Whenever iPhone user connects with car Bluetooth enabled, the most recent voice memo starts playing through the car's system. Worst part is that the car's audio system is completely unresponsive while this is going on and you can’t even stop the voice memo playing from Car conrols. Pausing the voice memo on the phone while I am in the car isn't effective; the voice memo automatically starts playing again. It was not the case with iOS 11 and surely iOS 12 have injected this bug in the system causing iPhone voice memo autoplay.

The bug is really annoying as you can’t leave bluetooth on when in car, therefore can't use bluetooth  to answer phone calls. The only option seems fix the issues is to turn off the bluetooth.  One user reported :
I have. 2016 CRV and mine doesn’t even shut off if I pause it, it keeps restarting the voice memo. It’s so frustrating I have to turn it off completely!”
Even the voice memo playing over Car Bluetooth is in the latest release of iOS 12.1 and iPhone Xs/Xr. It just loops indefinitely. No way to stop.

How to fix voice memo autoplay in iPhone XS Max, iPhone 6s/7/8 in iOS 12 :

Fix 1: Turn off cellular data for memos
Go into your settings then to cellular. From there all your apps will appear that would use cellular data. You'll find Voice Memo and click off the cellular on it.

Fix 2: steam some music over Bluetooth

Please open setting in car interface and check for automatic play. You shoud notice that default play is Voice Memo and earlier used to be music. Change that to music and should fix the issue.

Fix 3: Reinstall the voice memo app.
Please email the memos before doing this as backup. By deleting the app and then downloading it from the App Store, seems to work fine to fix the issue.

Fix 4: Remove unused app
There can be some apps installed in your phone which might be causing some voice memo issue in the iPhone eg Gasbuddy app. Please check for such apps and uninstall them and see if uninstalling such apps helps in anyway.



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