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"Sorry, there was a problem with the app." Siri on iPhone X/iOS 12 [Fix]

Many iPhone users are facing issue when asking Siri to run a shortcuts on iPhone X/ iOS 12.1, the Siri gives message “sorry, there was a problem with the app” and siri is unable to perform app commands. User are facing this issue across different Siri like while giving Google maps a command from siri or asking Siri to send a message/Telegram to acontact, the Siri response is always“There was a problem with the app.”

Many affected users are facing this issue with particular ShortCut app. Some of the users tried a factory reset to fix the Siri bug but that does not helped at all. You can't make shortcuts to run from the Siri command. The issue is even reported with latest iOS 12.1.3 is used, iPhone 7+. One users reported this as
In iOS12, I could get Siri to launch my custom shortcuts, but with the upgrade to 12.1 Siri fails with a "Sorry, there was a problem with the app." response. Manually launching the shortcut works as expected
How fix Siri commands response: "Th…

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