Memojis sticker on Whatsapp are sent as photos on iPhone XS

iPhone users are after updating to latest iOS 13 are facing issue with Memoji icons that these Memoji stickers are sent as plan picture with white background and not as like the sticker with animation effect.

The issue started to happen after iOS 13 update and All Memojis in the Whatsapp are sent as photos. While sending Memoji stickers via my Iphone XS Max they appear as plan images with white background whereas the iPhone on older version are is sending me real Memoji stickers. When tried to update the app, it seems like there are no update pending for whatsapp. Some user are reporting that they are on the latest whatsapp update but stillhave same problem.
How to fix Whatsapp showing Memoji as photo on iPhone XS ;

Actually this is an issue with the Whatsapp update that might be pending for you. And due to some unknown reason you may not be receiving update notification. Just search Whatsapp on App store, it’ll show “OPEN”, click on it, it’ll change to UPDATE! Update and thats it. After…

iOS 13: Deleted emails still showing on iPhone X

iPhone XR/ XS user are facing issue while deleting an email out of the Mail app (specifically in exchange account outlook/live/Hotmail etc account) , in the latest iOS 13 version. When users tried deleting the email it first looks like that the mail is deleted but it comes back and doesn't delete. User have to press the delete button again for email to actually delete. Deleting and adding the account does not help to fix the issue.

In the iOS 13.1.3 need to delete email twice and the problem seems to be with iOS email app.Not only the inbox mails but also the sent mails are also showing up twice in the mailbox. After iOS 13 the deleted emails still showing on iphone is a annoying issue for many iPhone users.

Restarting the iPhone seems to fix the issue temporarily but the deleted exchange emails still showing on iphone after few days of use. The iPhone showing deleted email on iOS 13 is reported with majorly on iOS mail App with exchange email.
One iPhone user reported this issue a…

iPhone 11 Pro front camera video recording not smooth with Snapchat

Many iPhone 11 Pro users are facing issue with the front facing camera of the iPhone. The issue is while making video with apps like instagaram, Snapchat, Facebook, and trying to zoom the picture is not recording smoothly, the video start to skipping and lagging, quality gets distorted. The video recorded in iPhone 11 is not recorded smoothly during the zoom and it appears to be somewhat step-zooming. The issue is not only with SnapChat but other apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram are having same issue in recording video from front camera.

The issue seems to with iPhone rather than application, doesn’t matter whether using Snapchat or Instagram stories, it skips when zooming in and out. Not only iPhone 11 stucks while recording video from front camera but also have poor quality in low light. This is annoying for iPhone users as it is studder/glitchy zoom with front camera on Snapchat & Instagram
Restarting or restoring the iPhone does not seems to help in this. When contacted …

iOS 13 duplicate sent items for Mailbox

iPhone users after updating their iPhone to latest iOS 13 and iOS 13.1.2 are facing issue with mailbox that it is saving duplicate emails in sent box. Duplicate email id in sent box of iPhone was not a issue with iOS 11 or iOS 12 but it is faced in iOS 13 only. The other mailbox like icloud are working fine. It seems the issue only occurs in gmail for me when Google Sync (Exchange) is used to connect, IMAP is fine. But it’s the only and hotmail, that is facing duplicate sent mail issue. Seems like this issue is specific to iPhone/ iOS 13 as the ipad is not seeing duplicate mail issue. Deleting account and re-adding doesn’t help.

One iPhone users reported this issue as : “Having this same issue - all of a sudden with iOS 13.1 (on an iPhone 8), the Mail app shows duplicate copies of sent emails from my Outlook 365 account of emails sent via the phone. Emails sent from the account via PC only has one copy. Does not occur in the Gmail account I have though.”
Mail app…

iPad 3 : keyboard stuck in the middle of my screen [Fix ]

iPad 2/ 3 user are facing issue in iPad Keyboard that while typing something on the screen the keyboard moves to middle of the screen. The keyboard started to appear in the middle of the screen randomly and stays like this from thereon. This is very irritating for iPad users as it becomes difficult to types with keyboard in the middle of screen.
iPad stuck keyboard in middle of screen

How to fix iPad 2 and iPad 3/4 keyboard stuck in the middle of screen :

Fix 1: Set it again keyboard icon

To fix the issue, You need to dock the keyboard. Tap and hold on the keyboard icon. It's in the bottom right corner of the keyboard. Select Dock and the keyboard will attach to the bottom of the screen. You can turn this off permanently by disabling Settings > General > Keyboard > Split Keyboard. The same setting disables both the split and floating keyboards.
Fix 2: Try rebooting the iPad
Try a reboot press & hold power button & menu button hold both down until you see apple logo . T…

iPhone 11 Pro Max Overheating on wireless charge


iOS 13: Unable to rearrange app icons on iPhone XS

Many iPhone users after updating their iPhone to latest iOS 13 are facing issue in rearranging app icon on iPhone with iOS 13.The issue seems to be occurring after iOS 13 update and after upgrading the iPhone to iOS 13 and when trying to rearrange app icons by long pressing the app icon and select "Rearrange Apps" from the context menu, Now the apps icon will have x mark and jiggles. Now when tried to move/rearrange an icon and after a 1-2 second delay the icon moves but then freezes on the screen without the "x" mark. Screen also becomes sluggish and you can’t move app icon on iPhone/iOS 13. After sometimes the x marks disappear, and fails to rearrange the app icon.

It is almost impossible to move icons on the Home Screen. Sometimes, the icon do move onto the exact perfect pixel, start to giggle again and stay in place but most times it will be frozen. This is absolutely a serious bug.
How to fix unable to rearrange app icons in iPhone XS Max/XR/7/8/6s Plus :

Fix 1…


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