How to fix Screen time keeps resetting data after few days in iPhone/iOS12

iPhone users on iOS 12 are having some issues with the screen time functionality on iPhone that iPhone Screen Time data keeps on resetting/ clearing after some days. Number of days after which the data will be reset is random for across users, for some users it is 2 days for other it can be like 6 days but the data will reset after few days in screen time.

To fix the issue some of the users tried restarting, turning off screen time and then turning it back on but it doesn’t work. Infact in some cases the screen time faces an arithmetic error as well. The issue is inconsistent, Sometimes the history would clear and sometimes all the data would reappear again for a short period of time.

One users reportedthis as “Even with the last update 12.1 this situation hasn’t changed. Just yesterday I received the notification to check the statistics for the week and it was empty.”
The issue is strange as the lost data is also random and missing for some of the days and while available for some othe…

How to Remove old devices from Screen Time in iPhone: iOS12

Some iPhone users are facing issue in iPhone screen time showing old device name in the list and user is no more using the devices and unable to remove old devices from ScreenTime feature. The old device is removed from Apple ID and does not show in my Apple ID iCloud Account, but the old device (iPhone or iPad) does show in Screen Time devices list.

The issue still persists with latest iOS 12.1 release and old devices are still there with no way to remove them in iOS 12.1. This is not only the problem but the screen time is also resetting the data in few days repeatedly. The issue is more frequent for the users who have turned on family sharing in their iphone. It looks like a ghost device in screen time on the iPhone. Some users tried to replace the iPhone with a new one but the issue still persists and Screen Time keeps on showing old iPhone name the list device.
The old iPhone details are omitted from every other place in iPhone but it just Screen Time is the only place where the ol…

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