iphone disable iMessage pop up "Your carrier may charge for SMS messages used to activate iMessage"

User have complaint about an issue with iPhone 6 5  and iOS 9.2 onward that after upgrading to IOS9, the activation pop up keep appearing every now and then. Even in iphone 7 saying your carrier may charge for sms messages used to activate imessage and it becomes very interesting question to how to disable carrier messages iphone. To disable carrier notification you may try below listed options. Since updating to IOS 9.1 my Iphone 4S frequently displays a popup warning from face time and imessage "Your carrier may charge for SMS messages used to activate iMessage". Some users say that they never used this feature of iMessage or Facetime and have no intension.  These features are deactivated but keep getting this warnings “imessage pop up on iphone”. Below possible solution will explain how can I turn them off imessage pop up or stop imessage from popping up on iphone.

Solution 1: Logout from iMessage and Facetime
You should be able to stop annoying imessage popup by going to Settings/Messages and Settings/Facetime and signing out. Go to settings/FaceTime. If it is off turn it on. Tap your Apple ID and tap Sign Out.
To unlink your phone number from your Apple ID
 Goto -> Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive. Tap your Apple ID, and then tap Sign Out. The iMessage will automatically turn-off and will stop the annoying pop-up. Please note it is not intended to logout from iCloud, all we are saying is to logout your Apple ID from iMessage.

Solution 2: iCloud Settings
Some users are able to fix the iMessage pop issue by changinn some details in iCloud as follows:
1. First Go to Settings in iCloud.
2. Click on account name->You will see "Contact information", "Password & Security", "Devices", "Payment".
3. Now select Contact information.
4. Add your phone number. Verify it. Its status will change to "Verified".
That's it. Your iMessage popup problem should be fixed.

Solution 3: iCloud Settings

In case you are using an carrier provider which is not supported by the Apple you may see this issue as imessage would not be able to configure itself. So switch to a carrier that is an Apple partner. It's only non-supported carriers that charge for the activation messages. The message should not reported to appear on the account with a supported network carrier.


Anonymous said…
I follow your instruction and still imessage pops up. Its very annoying i wanted to throw this fucking phone..


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