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Not able to send text video message to android from iphone after iOS 11 upgrade

In the new iOS software release iOS11 there are multiple issues reported by iphone users and one of that issue is after upgrade to iOS 11 on iphone6/ 7+, the user is not able to send pictures and videos Message, however they can do it from the iMessage. But when tried to send a video in a regular text message it just won’t send. Necessary updates done for my carrier settings and restarted my phone many times. This is very frustrating as in group texts the iPhone receive everyone and the androids phones get a black screen and sometimes sound to fix the issue where not able to send message from iphone to android user after iOS 11 update (iOS 11 message failed to android phones), please try below fix:
Fix 1: Check if iOS updated messed up your iphone settings Try to update reset some of the settings.  It worked for me to go to Settings - Cellular - Cellular Data Options - Enable LTE and toggle to either "Off" or "Data only".  Non-Apple or android phone texting doesn'…

Not able to control sound from side button in iPhone after ios11 update

After installing the ios 11 update users are facing many troubles with existing working features of iOS10.After updating my iPhone 6s plus to ios 11 user can't lower the volume on iphone properly. Trying to reduce the volume with the volume button but the sound is still at max which is annoying when sitting in some public place. To check and fix the issue make sure you try below listed options:
How to fix , not able to lower the volume of iphone using side button:
This may be the case where your device settings have messed up after upgrade to new iOS 11, so to fix the issue: Go to-> Sound settings -> turn on the button called "Change with Buttons". After this you should be able to control the volume of your iphone using the button as before.

iphone calendar entry missing after upgrade to iOS 11

After installing the ios 11 update users are facing many troubles with existing working features of iOS10.One issue found is with lost calendar entries after upgrade to iOS 11. It was very surprising that the user found that all entries in calendar were deleted. To check and fix the issue make sure you try below listed options:
Fix 1: Go to settings, calendars, calendar sync and pressed All Events.  Settings>mail, contacts, calendar> sync (under calendar tab)> All Events I hope this helps.

Fix 2: IF you find that your calendar events are all deleted. Go to your Calendar application and 1) Open application 2) touch the Calendar button on the upper left 3) At the top you will see that it says either: You want it to say " Show All Calendars" So all your events will show up when you look at your calendar on your phone Fix 3:Restore from to last backup in which you are sure that contains all calendar entry.
Locate backups of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

where is portrait mode in iphone 8, ?

The users  who have recently purchased new iphone 8 with iOS 11 installed are looking for one of famous iphone camera feature, which is portrait mode. Users have been looking all over for the portrait mode. But unfortunately Portrait mode is still only on the Plus model.
Portrait mode is dependent on the two separate cameras. Until they find a way to add a second camera to the regular 8 it just simply isn't possible to do the portrait mode.

However , Only iphone 8 plus and the ipone X will have it. If you have issue with big size of plus models of iphone, iPhone x is smaller than the plus model and has the dual lens. So you can think about it.

Notification persists and stays stuck on iOS 11 lock screen

iOS 11 have caused many troubles to users after upgrade to iOS 11 and one of which is user on iOS 11, the messages notification is blocking lock screen almost completely. Once it starts to display notification on the screen you cannot delete it, dismiss it or get rid of it in any way. Even rebooting does not seems to fix it. Also turning notifications on and off for messages didn't fix it either. The situation would become even worse when you won’t be able see notifications from other apps. To fix the notification stuck on iphone screen in iOS 11:Fix 1:For some users the problem seems to have been the fact that MacBook Pro is not logging in to iCloud. After locked my MacBook Pro on to iCloud, the Notification on my iPhone disappeared. Fix 2: Settings > Notifications > Messages > confirm that the banner type is set to Temporary.

Hope this would fix your issue.

How to fix kindle app crash in iphone Xs/8/7 with iOS 11/iOS 12

Many user have this problem where after the upgrade to latest iOS software ie iOS 11, the apps are getting crashed or not working properly. One such app is amazon Kindle app. As the app opens and downloads books but opening any book in the kindle app makes it crash. Even if you try to restart the phone and the app the problem will still persist. User never had this issue with iOS 10.3, so definatly somtingn broke in app while running in iOS 11.
How to fix kindle app crash in iOS 11 and iOS 12:

This is very usual case when apps stop working properly after upgrading operating system (iOS) version. It could be due to app did not register well with new OS loaded in your iphone. In such cases it is recommended to
Øclear the cache of the application ØDelete the app ØReinstall is from  App store.

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Clock on lock screen disappears after upgrade to iOS 11

iOS 11 has been reported with many troubles out of which one is related to clock on lock screen. After upgrading the iphone to iOS 11 the clock from lock screen just disappeared. Even if you try to reboot your phone, it may appear after that but after sometime it would disappear again. You may try to Hard reset your iphone by: Hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time and continue holding them down until the Apple appears.  

It is not only that your clock is missing from the lock screen but also it may cause other issues like none of notifications are coming through. iphone lights up like a notification has been received but my lock screen is blank except for my wallpaper.
There is no information visible on lock screen except status bar. Phone is still working but nothing is visible except the wallpaper. I'm able to swipe to both sided and launch camera/take picture for example but all I see is wallpaper.
How to fix the clock disappeared issue on lock screen in your iphon…

Iphone make location service permanently turned on

In case you want to track your children everytime possible, iphone provide a great way to track your child using location service and findmyiPhone app. However it is very much possible that the children may turn off the location service which will bloc you from tracking your children otd kids movement. So if you want to lock location services on try below steps.

Open Settings->General->Restrictions, and turn off Allow Changes, and check Locations Services. Make sure that you write down the passcode to safe place that you use for Restrictions, because if you can’t recollect that at later stage and wants to turn off the location service for some reasons, you will have to restore the iPhone to Factory to wipe the phone clean to clear it, and you cannot use your backup, because the passcode is part of the backup. There Will be no other way to reset it.

steps to record screen in iPhone iOS11

If you have updated your Apple device to iOS 11 than you are ready to use all new cool feature of iOS 11 to record your iphone screen. You can also add these features from setting to phones control centre. This feature will help you to access the magic of recording your screen. To access the screen recording feature in your iphone ØOpen the setting app ØChoose control centre ØSelect customize controls -> tap on add(+) button

Once you have done it your new icon (two enclosed circles) is ready in control centre. Now to start recording in iphone by clicking on this icon. Your iphone will start recording after a countdown of three seconds.
How to check if screen recoding is going on in iphone: Once the recording starts you would see a red bar at the top of screen.
To Stop the screen recording : Again click on icon from control centre. You can also tap on the red bar of the screen and confirm to stop the recording.
The video made willsave to the photo app.

Why photos get deleted from iCloud if I delete them from my iphone

Lots of user are complaining that their photographs are getting delete from iCloud or Apple photos after they delete it from iPhone. As most of user do this for freeing up the space in iphone but intention is not to delete the photos permanently. But this is happening that phots are getting delete across all apple devices. Some user do say that they are unable to take any photos because they have no storage left and afraid to delete any photos from the PHOTOS app for fear of losing them altogether.
Reason behind photo delete from all over in iphone: If you have iCloud photo library 'on' on all your devices with the same apple id, any photo that you delete from any of them, it will be deleted also from the cloud. The iCloud will act like a mirror to the info you have chosen to sync there

How to stop photos getting deleted from everywhere in Apple world: Do not enable iCloud Photo library on your computer.  Transfer your photos to the photo library on your Mac.  Then delete them on t…

iphone 6 show my caller id not working grayed out, FIX

Some iphone suser have been complaining that even after change carrier ID enabled by the carrier they are not able to do it as show my caller ID setting grayed out and can’t be changed. The issue is annoying as the user is not able to toggle between the show my caller Id option on and off. Even in the new model of Apple iphone, show my caller id iphone 6 not working. To fix the my caller id issue please try below steps.

Fix 1: make sure you have all apps closed before next steps. -Go to Settings, Phone, Show My Caller ID. (if button is Greyed Out) -Pull down Control Centre & Turn On Airplane Mode & return to Show My Caller ID screen. -Now slide your screen from right to left taking you to another screen, then slide back to your Show My Caller ID screen. -Now You Can turn ON or OFF your Caller ID Button. -Lastly slide down you Control Centre again and Turn OFF your Airplane Mode. That’s it Job done.

Fix 2: Go to Settings>Airplane Mode and turn Airplane Mode "ON". Now go to S…

How to take screenshot in iphone X

Since there is no home button in iPhone X, so in order to  capture the screen or take screen shot  on your iPhone X using the Side button and Volume Up button.
1.Press and hold the Side button on the right side of your device. 2.Immediately press and release the Volume Up button on the left side of your device. Which also means Press Power off + Volume up. 3.To find your screenshot, go to the Photos app > Albums and tap Camera Roll. I Hope this helps you to take the screen shot or capture your iphone x screen

how to delete accurate weather forecast email inbox from iphone

In new iphone 6 and 7 you may face something came up and it will look a normal app. However, it doesn't appear to be. It will ask you to get installed from setting. Once you do that it shows up as an actual email address and it appears that it is spam email. This will create a my weather inbox. If you try to delete the inbox, and there is no option to delete it. It would show you host like or in generic way as iphone? Some time the user deleted all my weather apps thinking it is attached to one of them, however this is not the case. It does not seems to easy to delete weather email. So many user have been asking the question on how to delete accurate weather forecast from ipad. This is very frustrating as you will see a new  inbox in iphone and wont be able to delete it.

One user reported the problem as he noticed a new "From" email address selectable when composing a new message on the iPhone. The email address was apparently two rand…

why email alias not working in iphone after upgrade to iOS 10

Some users have been complaining that Prior to iOS 10, when adding a Gmail account, they could set up an alias for that account (different appearing name for messages). At first look it seems that  iOS 10 seems to offer way fewer settings, and no way that I can see to set up aliases. All items I want to send via email from my phone are sent only from my primary address. Not from "sales@" or "tech@" which are aliases. Makes apple iOS mail app unusable. When users try to send the email with alias receives all emails but cannot reply to any of them, all message they just sit in the outbox if you try to use alias.

To fix the alias exchange issue in iphone and iOS 10, is to set up your Gmail account in iOS as a manually-added IMAP account, NOT by selecting Google in the add account screen. After it's set up you go back in and add another email address. Done. Now you should be able to create alias.
How to manually Set up an email account on your iPhone, iPad, or …

iphone text message forwarding not working says “No Activation Code on Mac”

While trying to setup Text Message Forwarding between iPhone  and MBP. Both Mac and iPhone are running in the same network with same iCloud account, but when try to enable it on the iPhone it asks me to enter a code that's shown on the Mac, but nothing shown there says “No Activation Code on Mac” The problem you would faced is that you will not receive any activation code on your Mac even sure about setting everything correctly. Seems like an Apple device issue with send and receive. Please try below steps to fix, text message forwarding code not appearing on mac

Fix 1: iMessage Setting Go to your iPhone Messages settings and turn off iMessages and turn it on again. Then go to the iMessages Settings on your Mac and do the same. After that it worked for me. Also make sure to activate your telephone number in the iMessages settings on your Mac.
Fix 2: Restart iCloud
Please restart everything a few times & sign in and out of iCloud. Check again.
Fix 3: Apple id check To make the option …

Duplicate birthday reminder in iphone with iOS10

iPhone Users when upgraded to iOS 10 are facing a issue with iCal that birthday entries have duplicated multiple times, calendar app has duplicated the birthdays calendar hundreds of times - both on the Facebook calendar group and my default home calendar group. It has also duplicated my default calendar hundreds of times.  it's not only the Facebook calendars. It's also duplicating the Birthday calendars under the calendar group named 'Other'. This suggests it's an Apple problem too. Some users have around 180 instances of "Birthday"  calendars under a group called "Other". checked my iMac and these birthday calendar instances (duplicates) do not appear there. It is only on my iPhone.

Fix 1: Update the Apple iOS version This is been sure fix to remove duplicate birthday enrtry from iOS device  or iphone. Update to release of iOS 10.3 and it has fixed the issue for so many users. Fix 2: Following steps may help you to resolve the issue. Deleted all …

iCloud Keyboard Shortcuts does NOT SYNC between Apple devices

Having different apple devices like iphone. Macbook and iPAD, Apple do provide a feature like text replacement from shortcut you have made. The shortcut are synched to Apple server on iCloud. Although the feature was introduced in iOS 7 software but the failed text shortcut sync is appearing more after upgrade to iOS 10. Below are few fixed for the text sync issue in iphone:
Fix 1 : iCloud refresh Disable iCloud on the iPad mini and re-enable it. Please check after an hour it your text shortcuts are synching again. Fix 2: Create new user on Apple device Create a new user in MacBook Pro and then sync again and check if everything worked. This has been reportedly working for many users. Fix 3: Update Text menu
Write down your current Text Expansion shortcuts (take a screenshot, use Grab, etc.). Sign out of iCloud on your iOS device. On your Mac, go to System Preferences>iCloud>Manage..., select "TextInput" from the left-hand column, and then click "Delete Documents and Data…

iphone contacts missing in search result after upgrade in iOS10/iOS 12

In recent updates of iphone to Apple new software iOS10.1 there are bugs related to contact list where the contact names do not appear on search result. You can see the name in the list but will be missing in search box hence unable to search contacts in ios 10. When  typed people's name in my message they can't be found and when I have siri call people she cannot find them in my contacts, 10.2 b7, this appear to be a glitch in Apple iOS 10. In order to fix contact search not working iphone ios 10 issue please try below steps and let me know if it helps:

Fix 1: Hard reset your iphone

First suggestion would be to do a hard reset. Hold the power & home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo. Then release the buttons and wait for it to finish. Hopefully this will solve the problem for you. But even  if this has solved issue for many users it appear to come back again after some time.

Even if this does not fix permanently make sure you have newest iOS 10.2 and the co…


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