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how to fix call failed on iPhone X, 8, 7 plus and 6s on iOS 11

Many users are seeing Call Failure in Iphone8, iphone X/7/6s and is happening very frequently. iPhone is getting Call failure message from system, when making/receiving calls. This is really annoying as the call failure happens now and then on iOS 11 and with almost all sets Phone X, 8 Plus, 8 iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 5, 5s and 5c.          It’s very strange to see that Apple new phones are not safe from calling issues, users have been reporting poor signal strength and 100's of dropped calls since upgrading from an iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 plus 64gb phone with iOS 11. They kept getting dropped calls even switching on to wifi calling. Some users have even had SIM card replaced and  even had my 6 Plus exchanged. My first iPhone 6 Plus shipped with IOS 8 and had these issues. When upgraded to IOS it did not help resolve the issues. Affected users have been tryingto contact Apple for this and apple will say it isn't their fault – Verizon/service provider…

How to fix Pokemon Go not working on iPhone (loading and crashing fix)

iPhone X/8/7/6 users while playing pokemon go are facing crash issue and login issue like pokemon go stuck on login screen onthe iPhone. The pokemon go app glitched and gets crashed multiple time. Even when tried to re-start the pokemon go app it got stuck on the log-in loading screen for very long. Specially when login with google-account, the game goes to this white screen and the game won't load at all and remains stuck at login screen.

Pokémon go google sign in not working for iphone users and getting stuck for a long time. Even restarting the iPhone or the games does not seem to fix the issue. With the most recent update of iOS 11 the issue is more prominent and user can’t login to pokemon Go. Even the same issue is reported with android phone.

In fact for many users every time when user try to open and login on Pokemon go the app takes to the iOS Appstore to update but the app is already updated so when clicked the open in appstore the game will load and will show full circle…

iPhone X Tap to Wake not working [Fix]

Many of iPhone X users are complaining about issue where tap to wake feature missing from iPhone X. iPhone X is released with much awaited feature of Tap to wake, a feature that lets users to wake phone screen without having to press the sleep/wake button on the side of iPhone. The iPhone never had this feature and Tap to wake is released with iPhone X first time. However this feature is in Android phones from very long time.

Tap to unlock feature is very hand feature and it does not unlock the iPhone but only the phone lights up. You can see time, notification etc without picking or unlocking your iPhone. You can control Tap to wake settings by following steps. Launch the Settings app. ->Go to the section General. -> Tap the sub-section Accessibility -> Slide the Tap to Wake. Which seems to be very easy to set and unset the feature.
However for many users the Tap to Wake feature seems to be missing completely from iPhone X. For first the users realized that the Tap to Wake feat…

How to fix #images not working in iPhone 7 in iOS 12 (2019)

After upgrade to iOS 11/ iOS 12 iPhone users have reported that #images not working and #images searches are either returning empty, or they can’t find the #images altogether and says "no images found". #images are also popular as hashtag images and on many forums they are reporting that hashtag images iphone not working after iOS11.  Many iPhone users after upgrading to iOS 11/11.3 are facing issue that after the upgrade #images, gifs and images are no longer showing in iMessage. The issue is happening across all type of iPhones 6/7 and even with latest iPhone X/8. For some iPhone users the #images only work with WIFI. As you must be aware that iMessage are enabled for certain countries but the issue is still reported from those one.

Apple added #images in iOS 10 as a feature in the Messages app. It will allow iphone users to send GIFs and images to other iPhone user. There are hundreds of GIFs available using a specific keyword and user can simply add them to message and sen…

iPhone X screen brightness drops while playing games [Solved]

iPhone X users are facing brightness issue of screen going dim when playing games like fortnight , PuBG. The issue is while playing games on iPhone X, the maximum brightness of iPhone screen drops so much that user cannot see the screen at the end. The iPhone dims on its own during Gameplay. Even when you turn off the auto brightness the iPhone screen brightness will dims randomly specially while playing games on the iPhone.

Not only iPhone X but iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 screen dims when playing games with iOS 11 and iOS 12. Even you won’t be able to be adjusted the brightness with the brightness slider as it would be ineffective.Now this is annoying as the iPhone screen automatically dims but the brightness level at the control center is maximum. Once the screen brightness drops only way to get the brightness back is by restarting the device. The iPhone screen dims when hot. This brightness drop in iPhone happens in hot environments and often when using your iPhone outside.

Why the iPho…

Best accessories list for iPhone X /8 [charging, camera, speaker]

accessories list for iPhone X (charging, camera, speaker)Apple’s new iPhone X is feature rich phones that are equipped with many advanced technology. Apple has launched the phone with OLED screen with  first facial recognition technology, and the first wireless charging system. The phone has major design upgrades from earlier iPhone versions. With so many changes the list of supported accessory also modifies. And as a new iPhone X owner you won’t like to miss them.

Below is the list of top iPhone X accessories:
Best iPhone X Covers and cases :

With launch of iPhone X there are so many option available for stylish cases and covers. Check out Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone X with hard bumper frame available in 3-4 colors which fits fine to iPhone X with stylish look. In case you always in fear of slipping down your expensive phone you can check out Speck grip cases for iPhoneX which provides a solid grip option to hold your iPhone X strong.
iPhone X Battery Case with Qi Wireless Charging:

iPhone X…

List of best road trip songs 2018 [Top 10]

Best songs for travel in car : With lots of mobile phones with great featured music player like in iPhone Samsung redmi OnePlus etc, you may always be looking for best songs for travel in road trip that will makes your journey a best one.

Music plays a great role while long journey and that is why you must chose and have best and cool travel songs for journey. The road trip songs makes happy during journey and makes you feel the distance short. If you’re planning a long trip, you’re probably going be in the car for quite a long time—that’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate summer playlist So we have collected best songs for roadtrip in 2018 which are from mix of An Indie/Pop/Folk/Rock Playlist English songs for roadtrip while travel. 1. Camila Cabello - Havana (Vertical Video) ft. Young Thug

2. Dua Lipa - New Rules

3. Coldplay – Paradise

4. Daughtry – Home

5. Hotter than hell - Dua Lipa

6. Roses : Chainsmoker

7. The

iOS 11.4.1 music playback distorted, skipping and stops after locking the screen [Fix]

iPhone X/8/7 users are facing music playback issue with iOS 11.4/iOs11.4.1/iOS12 that the music becoming distorted or pausing randomly or skipping at random instance of time. Streaming through either iTune in or Amazon Music, both of which have the skipping issue. When playing music using the stock Music app on the iPhone X, or iPad connected to a Bluetooth speaker (B&O Beoplay P2), the app pauses the playback by itself. The problem mostly comes up when the screen times out and goes dark. With issue occurring one more issue comes up with calls that the phone calls becoming garbled. The issue is really annoying as the music is pausing randomly on iOS 11.4.1. 

The issue is occurring after updating their iPhone to iOS 11.4/iOS11.4.1 and even the older version iOS 11.3,  that the iPhonehas been having the some audio playback issues that music stops and skips itself randomly. The issue was never observed with earlier version of iOS and surely iOS11.3 have caused music/audio playback gli…

iPhone X Can’t add or delete a contact from a group text iOS 11/ 12

iPhone X/8/7/6 users are facing issue in group text management that after they have created the group and added members, they can’t remove anyone from the group text message. This is really annoying that you cannot leave the group or delete a person from a group message. This is really buggy that tyu had to delete the entire group and start over only because one of my contacts is bad. Even with the latest iOS 11 and iPhone X the similar issue is faced when you won’t be able to delete any contact number from the group text.

If you have accidentally a wrong number in a group chat added and this poor person keeps getting texts and can’t remove him/her from group chat. You can’t add or remove people from group chat, and neither can they remove themselves. There are no response from the Apple in this issue and the issue was first reported with iOS 10 and now again seen in group text iOS 11. Actually the issue is reported by many iPhone users when a user in the group is non-iPhone (android, e…


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