How to fix Google pixel 2 screen goes black during call


Many Google Pixel 2 XL users are facing issue with proximity sensor that the screen goes black during a call or whatsapp  call.  The google Pixel 2 is a flagship phone launched by the Google and is really a powerful phone specially in terms of camera and is compare with the Apple iPhone X. the pixel black screen issue seems to be quite random. And even with No screen protector or case the issue is happening. So there should be some bug in the phone resulting in proximity senor issue in pixel 2. 

One users reported this as
Sometimes during a call, my screen will go completely black and I can't do anything with it. The call is still connected but I have to ask the other party to end the call. Once the call has ended the screen becomes usable again.”
This bug is really annoying and Google should soon release fix for pixel 2 xl screen goes black during call.

How to fix proximity sensor issue in android phone/Google Pixel :

Fix 1 : Brightness setting  THE PIXEL 2 XL:

Google pixel screen goes black during call can be fix by below steps:
1.Goto Settings --> Display --> Adaptive Brightness --> disable Adaptive Brightness and then restart
2. Once the device restarts, change the display brightness slider (any setting from where it was originally is fine)
3. Go to Settings--> Display --> Enable Adaptive Brightness and then restart
4. Test with a call - it worked for many users!

Fix 2: Check your android phone proximity sensor :
The proximity sensor can be tested by using an app named AndroSensor that is available on the Play Store. The proximity reading should normally read 2.0 when nothing is blocking the sensor, and change to 0 when you move your hand over the top of the screen; then it should go back to 2.0 when your hand is removed again.

Fix 3: Revert back to prior Android OS

Go to previous version of Android OS  where there was no issue seen. Go to->Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Show all apps -> Phone Tap uninstall and it should remove updates and revert to the version that is considered the lowest version supported on the OS version you're running.



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