How to check WiFi usage info on iPhone and iPad


Many iPhone 5s/6/7/X users are unable to track data usage by their device as iPhone do not offer any direct way to check WIFI usage made by iPhone or iPad. You can view data usage when you go to Settings -> Mobile -> swipe up to MOBILE DATA, check 'Current Period'. But there is no such feature available to check data usage on WIFI.

track iphone wifi usage

You may wish to check WIFI usage in your iPhone in case of some particular app data usage monitor or to check if iPhone is not using data unnecessary for any blocked updates. Some apps also have bugs to WIFI internet when switched off within the app. In these cases WIFI usage monitor on iPhone can help a lot.

How to track WIFI usage in iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5 on iOS 11 and iOS 12:
There are few apps available on Appstore which can do work for you to compute WIFI usage per day or per app. We have list below two best apps for WIFI data monitor in iPhone /iPad :

#1. My Data Manager - Track Usage

My Data Manager tracks how much data you use per app, secures your internet traffic with VPN technology and encrypts your unprotected data. Nice app to check the data day by day and also hour wise also calculated. It will store your data usage and all related activities.

#2. DataFlow - Data Manager:

If you are struggling to save and control your data then this app is for you. DataFlow helps you keep track of network data usage in real-time. An excellent App to keep track of Wi-Fi and Data used on a daily daily basis.



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