iOS 12.2/12.3 Car Bluetooth Uconnect issue, song lag/freezing with iPhone 8/7/Xs


Lots of iPhone 8/7/6 and iPhone X user after latest release of iOS 12 are reporting Bluetooth issue with iOS 12 which includes issues like iOS 12 Bluetooth missing or iOS 12 Bluetooth unavailable. Similar Bluetooth issue are occurring for iPhone users trying to pair their device with other Bluetooth devices. The iPhone 7 is not pairing with Uconnect after iOS 12 upgrade and the UConnect cannot display text messages on the screen anymore. Whenever trying to skip tracks still results in the UConnect system freezing up for 30-35 seconds. This does not seems to be issue with iPhone but iOS 12 as almost all iPhone iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone Xs, iPhone 7 are unable to connect to Uconnect Bluetooth after iOS 12 update.

iOS 12 Car Bluetooth Uconnect issue 

Immediately after upgrading the iPhone to iOS 12 the users are facing connectivity issue with Uconnect in Car system.  After iOS 12 there is a lag in the command given over Bluetooth to Car system specially UConnect. It seems like the Bluetooth system is  frozen after giving a command and works after 30-40 seconds. . It is frustrating having to constantly re-connect the iphone manually in Uconnect and to wait for song skipping for long periods of time. UConnect screen and controls still lock up until the song I stop on has played for 30-35 seconds.

If you play a new song using Bluetooth in your car, the song run time is frozen for exactly 30 seconds while the song plays.  If tried to toggle next/last track selection using the car's audio controls during this time, nothing happens until the 30 seconds pass, then it changes to the next song.  It happens very consistently now with every new song that plays.  Also, during some songs it'll do this freeze for 30 seconds where song navigation won't trigger
Also brand-new XS Max shows no difference and have issue in connecting iPhone car Bluetooth and iOS 12 seems to be the common here, so seems like iOS 12 changes have broken up ca Bluetooth .

 How to fix Uconnect Bluetooth issue with iPhone iOS 12:

Fix 1:Uconnect update
Make sure you are using latest Uconnect software version. Check Uconnect's website and see if there are any updates for your VIN. Easy to do yourself, just need a USB and plug it in. Leave it as such until the update completes.

Fix 2: Repair the iPhone to Car

Try forgetting the Bluetooth connection on both the iphone and UConnect, and do a factory reset of UConnect. Now repair the devices again. Hopefully it will work.

Fix 3: Wait for iOS 12 update
Some of the users have filed bug report to Apple and Apple have been contacting to logs etc. So hopefully apple will come up with some solution in next release ie iOS 12.1. So it is recommended to upgrade the iPhone to next release.

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